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We’re a purpose built,

Early Years Foundation Stage
(British Curriculum) Nursery in
Mangrove Village, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates – offering an
exceptional, one of a kind,
environment for children aged
6 months – 4 years.


To nurture young minds through
enriching, holistic, early years
learning experiences, providing the
strongest seeds for growth in our
children’s formative years.

Our beautiful nursery

has been created within the
spacious, light filled clubhouse at
Mangrove Village, Abu Dhabi and has
picturesque views out across the sea.
Children love our bespoke, wooden,
playhouse classrooms and our
amazing educational

A treasure-trove of knowledge, a home away from home. A place where young minds are opened up to a world of learning and playing. A place to make first friends and learn the first words. A place that becomes synonymous with love, laughter, friendship, and learning. That is what every nursery and pre-school should be. For the best nurseries, this is a way of life.

We are Orange Seeds and we are a British curriculum nursery and kindergarten facility in Abu Dhabi for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. We offer excellent early education and childcare services. We cater to children in the age group of 6 months to 4 years. Our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)curriculum sets standards for the learning, development and care of children during their early formative years.

A pre-school is a child’s first experience away from home and family. The transition must be smooth. We partner and work closely with parents to ensure that this first experience is beautiful and rewarding for everyone. Our ‘children first’approach ensures that the young pre-schoolers gain the essential life skills through a journey of exploration and discovery. This is what places us among the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

Our activities, exercises and games are a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor experiences and focuses on personal, social, physical and emotional development. Stress is given for development of communication and language. We enable understanding the world through expressive arts and design. We encourage interaction in a safe and healthy environment. We do all this in a fun way by engaging in conversation, making music and making reading a priority.

There are few key skills that every kindergarten and nursery must teach a child. These are life skills and when taught during the early years, decides what kind of adults they grow up to be. We take these very seriously and ensures that every child who passes through the Orange Seeds Nursery grows up to be responsible, kind and generous. Our efficacious staff and competent teaching community ensures that your child receives only the best pre-school experience. They show your child the right path and makes sure that they walk this path with confidence and all the requisite skills.