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The Montessori method is an educational philosophy, named after its founder, Dr. Maria Montessori – a pioneering, Italian physician. This child-centered learning approach has become world renowned since its inception more than a hundred years ago and for many, it is not just a choice of education – it is an attitude to raising children and for many, a way of life.

The Montessori approach is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural physiological and social development. Its ultimate goal is to assist each child in reaching their full potential, at their own pace, via a natural desire and joy of learning.

 Children absorb their surroundings and choose their own materials to work with, based on their individual interests and abilities, in a carefully prepared environment. The teacher acts as a ‘directress’ – a guide and mentor, respecting and observing each child’s unique abilities. Children learn freely, amongst others of mixed age and nationality, using traditional, multi-sensory, Montessori learning materials with no time constraints or limits (within reason).

As well as being the first ever female to graduate in medicine at the Univerisity of Rome (1896), you will understand our deep respect for Montessori when you learn that she was nominated for three Nobel peace prizes (1949, 1950 and 1951)! Her methods have stood the test of time and have educated a diverse range of the world’s most creative elite including the founders of Google and Amazon, Gabriel Marquez, George Clooney, Julia Child, and Jackie Onassis.